Meet George Mitcham

A Brief Biography:

Humble Beginnings

Born in January of 1968, the second of seven children, George Mitcham grew up in East Texas where he attended high school at Ford High School in Quinlan, Texas. During high school he played football, basketball, and worked in a variety of jobs including hauling hay and harvesting peaches, okra, peas, and tomatoes. During his senior year, George enlisted in the U.S. Army in the delayed entry program where he would leave for basic training after the summer following his high school graduation. Over that summer after graduation he worked as a nightshift police dispatcher where he fell in love with the inner workings of law enforcement.

Military Career

He left for basic training in August of 1986 where he completed airborne school and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper in the infantry. During that 4 years he earned his expert infantryman’s badge, was the Task force 2/505 trooper of the year in 1988, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 33 months.

Law Enforcement - Patrol Officer

After leaving the Army in 1993 he began working as a detention officer at the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office while attending East Texas State University. During that time he took time off from school to get licensed as a peace officer and was hired by the Carrollton Police Department while in college. He left college to be a police officer with Carrollton and later returned to school at the University of Texas at Dallas where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. After 6 years in Carrollton he decided to attend Law School where he continued to work in Carrollton as a patrol officer for the first year of his Law School education.

Prosecution and Defense

After graduation from Law School he began to work for the Denton County District Attorney’s Office in 2005. Over the next 9 years, George prosecuted and defended cases ranging from assault to aggravated robbery.  He has worked each stage of the justice system: arrest, book-in, through prosecution and defense, and sentencing.  He is well-versed in every aspect from the beginning to the end of a criminal case. 

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