Experience is Everything

Serving Communities Since 1993

A Little about George:

George has been a member of the legal community since 1993. Originally as a detention officer in an East Texas Sheriff’s Office, next as a Police Officer in Carrollton for seven years, a felony prosecutor in the Denton County District Attorney’s Office, and now as a private attorney.

He understands all sides of the legal system and is more than ready to help you.


A promise to the Citizens of Denton County

George is well-versed in every aspect of a criminal case: from arrest, to book-in, and through prosecution.

When you hire the Law Office of George Mitcham to represent you, you are getting 20+ years of experience from both sides of the legal system.

Trial Tested

In addition to hundreds of contested hearings, George has conducted over 60 jury trails ranging from family law to criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and in private practice, rendering him extremely knowledgeable in court proceedings.

Extensive Legal Experience

George Mitcham served his community as a police officer for 7 years, before becoming the Assistant District Attorney in Denton County.  After 9 years of handling felony and misdemeanor prosecution – as well as child protection – he went on to open his own private law practice, where he has spent the past 5 years dealing with family law, child protection cases, and criminal cases.

In his time in the field of law, he has taken part in over 60 jury trials, and has gained a deep knowledge of all aspects of the justice system.


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